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MANC-30: Silver Sparks Commemorative Poster - A poem by Tony Walsh


**50% OFF SALE** - Was £10, Now £5

This commemorative poster contains Tony Walsh's poem 'Silver Sparks' commissioned to mark the 25th Anniversary of Forever Manchester in 2015. Designed by legendary Factory Records sleeve designer, Trevor Johnson.

'Manchester: there's a secret to this... amazing place.

They beam a stream of dreams, it seems, from deep in outer space.

And when they meet our atmosphere they turn to silver sparks.

As the spirit of Greater Manchester that sets this place apart'

The words are copyright Tony Walsh 2015 - @LongfellaPoet

The poster was:
- designed by Havas Lynx,
- printed by Entwistle Group
- paper stock by Fedrigoni UK
- hot foiling by Hedleys Foil
- Images from Flickr

Size: 840mm x 600mm